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Micro-Enterprise Movie by Herman Franck, no copyright claimed to the music

Let me be the one to say this directly there is a connection between micro enterprise makers and east west marriage which is this: in a reverse green card way, the man moves to the asian girls country, marries her, and gets a green card from her country. To do this, he will need an occupation. He creates this occupation by partnering up with an asian girl in an east west marriage way and making a small business in a micro enterprise way. Over there the price to create a business is much much smaller. This allows the girl to become a homeowner and business owner and official member of the middle class. it also helps her solve a huge issue of how do I take care of my parents.

East West Marriage meets Micro Enterprise Makers.
Totally Doable.

East West Marriage by Herman Franck, Esq.

Micro Enterprise Examples

I would like to add to those men out there whom honestly don't like the idea of white guys taking their cute girls, let me say that this micro enterprise does just the opposite of taking them away, it keeps them at home. It also makes a business that everyone in the family can work for, and even people not in the family. There is a saying "no man is an island" it means nobody can do very much by themselves. We all need teams to succeed, otherwise we will be stuck in a very small kind of operation. So the team will include the girl, but will also likely include her brother her uncle her dad her cousin her sister's husband and who knows who else. The entire family can benefit from the micro enterprise created through the girl.  And the girl stays home and prospers with her family, letting them all rise up into a comfortable and reliable middle class existence. 

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Written by Herman Franck Doctor of Law

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