Micro Enterprise Maker´╗┐  

  The BBBB program described in the previous episodes will be further described in the example from the story of

Alter Ego, Veronica, and Jing. This story will show the real-life creation of a micro-enterprise in Mindanao Philippines. 

  How to Marry a USA Guy and Introducing the BBBB program is described in the show episodes given below, which include show episodes 1-12 and two new shows called  Alter Ego Episodes 1 and 2. The BBBB program is first discussed as a kind of lecture presentation in Episodes 1-12, which are posted below. Then the BBBB program is further shown in the fantastical business adventure story called Alter  Ego, Veronica and Jing. 

  Scenes and examples of the BBBB program are shown in the series of short videos below, KM 1-12. 

Radio Shows

Herman Franck was the host of  The Mid Life Crisis Radio Show, CBS and ABC, Los Angeles, California. 

Mr. Franck's How to Marry a USA Man and Introducing the BBBB program aired on  Aksyon Radio Davao Philippines, DXGO 855 KHZ.   

  General Douglas MacArthur's Girlfriend 

  Jing at the Governor's Office requesting a new law allowing Zoom Weddings 

Radio Shows

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