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 I am a songwriter and composer, mainly because songs keep coming to me. I have done what is referred to as Music Arrangement, which means I have hired others to perform the music of my songs. It is a most interesting process I encourage everyone who has ever come up with a cool tune to do. 

Some examples:
Onomatopoeia    Sung by Lily Dung recorded in Surreal Studios, Anckhorage Alaska, Music by Justin Farren, recorded in Sacramento, CA
That Girl   by Herman Franck sung by Bruce Bolin; music arrangement and recording at Pudding Stone Studios

No Love Back Blues by Herman Franck, vocals by Justin Farren; Music Arrangement by Justin Farren recorded in Sacramento, CA USA  

He Wants You Now   by Herman Franck, vocals by Dewi Nuryanti of Jakarta recorded in Jakarta; violin by Ino of Jakarta; music arrangement and performance by Bruce Bolin Pudding Stone Studios, Recorded in Sacramento CA

Surrender  written and composed by Herman Franck. Vocals guitar and music arrangement by Bruce Bolin. Recorded at Pudding Stone. studios Sacramento California USA. Music video produced by Herman Franck starring Dewi Franck and Wulan Wang.

Crying Song   by Herman Franck

Love In a Day   by Herman Franck